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How we started


The story starts with my wife and I going camping to a new destination in the Cheerokee National Forest. We looked for a new campsite to visit and found Gee Creek beside the Hiwassee River,  that's where the journey really starts.  As we were camping several years back, we met a family camping in the same campground as we were staying. The wife worked for the local postal service and everyone in the the family stayed at the campground during the summer. Everyday they would go up river and tube to the take-out at the campground. The family was great as they offered my wife and I an opprtunity to join them for a float trip. We joined them for our first adventure down the HIWASSEE RIVER. We fell in love with the river and as time would tell.......the growth of an experience would continue to an surpassed passion for the Hiwassee.

From that first trip down the Hiwassee an evolution of swiftwater enjoyment was created. My wife and I now enjoy the neanduring rivers of middle Tennessee through paddling kayaks. As my wife stays within the comfort of milder rapids, I tend to venture to more challenging whitewater experiences. We can both come to the scenic beuety and consisent class II flow of the Hiwassee River for our common bond. The river has become a comfort for mind, body and soul. 


After years of visiting the Hiwassee River, we felt a need to pursue our passion of living riverside and introducing others to an experience that they could cherish forever. 


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